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日本語勉強 - Personal recommendations for Japanese learners

On NFT (2 part)

On NFTs..

A Decentralized Blog

Unit testing a static custom logger in Spring Boot and log4j2

Unit testing a custom logger in log4j2

Debug a Java Spring Boot application in Docker from IntelliJ

Jupyter: the easiest way to import code from another notebook

Create modules in Jupyter notebooks

Journey towards Continuous Integration - Part 1

Improving the development experience: Jupyter for Elasticsearch

My current learning journey

Changing Everything. Again.

Back from SoCraTes France 2016

Global Day of Coderetreat 2016, Sophia Antipolis, France

Dependency Injection VS Extract and Override Factory Method

A Community of Professionals - SoCraTes UK

Amarcord - Old posts from 2011 (ITA/ENG)

Amarcord - Old posts from 2010 (ITA)

Amarcord - Old posts from 2009 (ITA)

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