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Changing Everything. Again.

After 7 years spent in France I am officially moving to Tokyo, Japan, end of May 2017. I am finally going to join my wife, Sarah, after almost 5 years of long and hard distant relationship.

Now, before to start with the burocracy madness and to move/sell/close/sign things, I am sitting here at home, in the first weekend after having resigned from my current company, trying to think about how many things I learned over the last 7 years. How many things I’m going to bring with me from this French experience.

It’s strange to say, but the first thing that comes to my mind is my current employer, Amadeus. I would have never thought that a company could have been so important for my life. Despite its difficulties and things that, sometimes, I may not like of it, at the end of the day I am leaving a really great place that completely changed me and made me a better person and professional (I even found my wife :D). I grew and learned so much here. I will always be thankful to this company and to my fantastic colleagues I’ve been honored to work with.

I am also thinking about all the things that I started to do here in France. Photography has become my passion and I’m so thrilled to think that I’m going to live in the city of Nikon and Fujifilm :) I have so many ideas about photography in Japan! I also started to organize events and I started to overcome my fear of public speaking. I can’t wait to start to be an active member in the technical Meetups panorama of Tokyo, and also to organize one (Tokyo Software Craftsmanship? :-)). I started to travel and to know people from all around the world. I learned well French and improved my English. I started to have a fully multicultural life. I changed my point of view on everything and I learned that everything is relative: tout est relatif. I started to be a Global Citizen. I learned what I want to do and I have a clear direction for my future career.

I could write for hours just listing all the things I learned, but I stop here.

I am leaving with a bag of experience, a huge amount of energy and lots of ideas for the future. But most important, I can’t wait to start living with my wife, have a normal life with her - if we can say normal in Tokyo - settle down and raise a family together for the first time.

I’m thrilled. I can’t wait.

Merci la France for everything you gave me.