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Tag: personal

My current learning journey

I started my journey at Rakuten in June 2017 and, more precisely, I am Full Stack Engineer working for Rakuten Magazine. It’s a pretty new Web project, so it’s not big and we are very few people: 4 guys focused on Web and API (myself included), and 3 guys on Android/iOS. First huge difference from my previous job: here I can put my hands on literally everything. We have a total freedom to choose what technology stack to use, if it’s reasonable and well argumented.

Changing Everything. Again.

After 7 years spent in France I am officially moving to Tokyo, Japan, end of May 2017. I am finally going to join my wife, Sarah, after almost 5 years of long and hard distant relationship. Now, before to start with the burocracy madness and to move/sell/close/sign things, I am sitting here at home, in the first weekend after having resigned from my current company, trying to think about how many things I learned over the last 7 years.